members:  MC/SC

  • MC - President/Founder - Mo' Chocolate

  • MC - Lady Charlie, Vice President

  • MC - Lady RoadRunner - Member

  • MC - Lady Twin - Road Support

  • MC - Ladie Medic, Road Captain

  • MC - Lady J - Member

  • MC - Mz Classie, PRO - Business

  • MC - Lady Souljah - Member

  • MC - Prospect/Jerzy Gurl

  • MC - Prospect/Hawkins

  • SC - Lady Xxtrah

May the sun rise in front of me and the wind follow me,
May the Angels Guard my travels for they know what is ahead of me.
Keep me safe through rolling hills
let the Eagle Guide me to the mountain tops
Let the moons light guide me through the night
​Lord, thank You for letting me be a Biker


Biker Prayer

DLR Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is to form sisterhood dedicated to the enjoyment and passion for Motorcycle Riding.  To be there for one another off and on the bike.  To demonstrate One Love at all times.  Distinctive Lady Ryders will participate in Charitable Causes that benefit individual people or communities.  Our goal is to support positive image as we carry ourselves Distinctively.  We are friend and family oriented with One Love.​