Road Support

Hello, I’m a Distinctive lady Ryder my name is Lady Twin. It’s kind of eerie how I got that name.

But first let me tell a little about my experience with bikes, & bike clubs well when I was younger I would go the motor cycle club for all there events and dances and always thought that would be something fun to be a part of.  I never wanted to ride a bike, little scary at first.  But I have been on some a couple of times. What I like most was following the bikes now I have the opportunity to do just that but also be a part of the club at the same time. So I’m what you call the road support and I’m having a fabulous time. 

Lady Twin was form by Mo’ chocolate the President.  Mo chocolate seen me with both my older brothers and said Dam you all can be Twins…and then my birth sign is a Gemini which are the twins  now what can be more eerie and perfect at the same time cause it all fits me… Lady Twin.

I’m in this club because I know it’s all about one Love. I love driving. I love being a part of something bigger than me.

Lady Twin's Bio