This day here was a tough day for me. I kid you not. I was riding on the highway chilling at speed limit, 65 miles an hour. This unknown club came up to me one by one, gave me a scooter look, switched gears one by one and road off into the wind. I huffed and I puffed, moved the throttle as fast and as much as I could. To my amazed the bike went nowhere. I finally realized I was riding an oversized scooter and that I needed to go to school to learn how to ride a real motorcycle.

That’s what I did, and today I am the owner and rider of a 900 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic Cruiser and a 600 Yamaha Sport Bike. Lets Ride, One Love Always, Mo’Chocolate.”

Now, for my riding experience. When I first moved to PA I bought a 50cc scooter. I bought the helmet, gloves, boots, the whole works. The only problem was I couldn’t leave the development. So, I invested in a 150cc. I thought I arrived. The only problem was I couldn’t get on the highway. So, one day I bought a 250cc. That was really awesome. I was finally riding, so I thought. I learned how to get on the highway and ride with the wind. By this time I earned my permit.

Mo' Chocolate's Bio

The first thing people wants to know is how did I get the name Mo’ Chocolate? Ok, here goes, I was working at one of the hospitals in New York as a Social Worker. I transferred to a new position within the hospital. Staff was sitting at the round table for the daily morning meeting, Psychiatrist, Nurse, Nurse Manager, Team Leader, Peer Specialist, Sr. Social Worker and myself. One of the staff said out loud, we have to give her a name., The staff had previously name the Nurse Manager, Chocolate. I kid you not, they all looked up and at the same time and they said, Mo’ Chocolate, and there you have it. I was then called Mo’ Chocolate for the next 3 years. When I relocated to PA and fell in LOVE with the thought of riding and enjoying the freedom of open air, I decided to keep my name. My old job was very pleased. By the way, the name is a fit, just like a glove.