Injuries or not, they wouldn’t give up riding for the world. This is where my passion for riding began to develop. During that transition phase I was still afraid, but at the same time I was jealous of them. I had a lot of fear in my head about how risky it is, but secretly I wanted to experience their life. I wanted to be part of a riding family and friends. Over the years my passion for riding grew bigger and bigger.  Last year I went and got a motorcycle permit, and a few months ago I purchased my very first bike, a Harley. Yehhh!!!!!

You see; I am 38 years old and to tell you the truth I never had a chance to live life where it was about me. I got married right out of high school and became a parent way before I knew anything about life… I played my cards right and raised a family, built many careers, and tried to portray the “American Dream family”. Well, my oldest is about to turn 19 years old and I am physically and mentally exhausted of being the wall for everybody to lean on. I just refuse to continue to pretend I know it all, when in fact I am weak just like everyone else… Jesus help me.

My bike’s name is ‘Charlie’ and it is my boyfriend. Charlie’s job is to help me find myself and take me to all those places I have been wanting to visit. Both close to home and as far as “the open road.”  I have a lot of personal issues that I am just not ready to deal with. So I pray, I have been praying asking God to take away the clouds in my life and replace them with sunshine. I have faith in him that when the time is right he will prevail. Until then, I do the best I can to maintain and survive.  I will ride!!!!      

Lady Charlie

Well, riding a motorcycle was one of the activities I used to fear the most. There are many reasons behind why I used to be so afraid of motorcycle riding; my misconception was that motorcycle riders were rude, aggressive, reckless, racist, and that good girls just don’t ride.

One of the reasons that shocked me the most is what happened on a trip to New York City some years ago; I witnessed a group of three men riding on I-80. They were doing tricks and running in and out of traffic. A little while after a huge traffic build up ahead an accident had happened. When we passed the area, one of the bikers was hit by a car and died instantly on the side of the road. The two others were shaking and in shock on the ground as well. My children and I were in the car and we all saw this tragic life lost. It broke my heart to witness something so tragic when a man was having fun one minute and the next minute he was dead. I became even more afraid of bikers. I would literally pull off on the side of the road, every time I would see a motorcycle in my lane. I was too afraid that something could happen at any moment, and I didn’t want to be part of it.

I started to learn about motorcycles and riders through work. I was working at a hospital progressive care unit for about five years. I was fortunate to take care of a few motorcycle injury patients, some had serious injuries, and others had minor scrapes and bruises. Through talking to them I became familiar with some of the many reasons why people ride motorcycles. These patients talked about their bike as if it was a child; the expressed love and loyalty to their group, they enjoy life on a deeper level. 

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